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What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an online advertising form where your services or products are recommended on other websites, and you pay for the advertisement only when you receive a result. Affiliate marketing allows you to define a desired result (sale, registration of a new customer, customer visit, etc.), to measure this result and pay when it occurs. This is one of the most important advantages of affiliate marketing.

Other benefits?

What makes affiliate marketing so attractive?

We do not like advertisements in general, but most of us search for additional information such as reviews, product comparisons, best price or special offers before we make a decision to buy something online. Affiliate marketing is based on product and service recommendations that are delivered within a network of affiliate partners. Affiliate marketing helps us reach customers in such a way that they often do not even realise that there is an online advertisement.

In affiliate marketing there are many ways to create a recommendation – it can be a special offer, price comparison, discount code, product test and review or a related article with a link to your website. Of course, banners can be used as well, but for greatest benefit, I highly recommend having a clear call-to-action button and producing your banners only for special occasions such as seasonal sales, holidays, anniversaries and special offers on your online store.

Affiliate marketing in Lithuania

With the right strategy and individual program there is potential to reach your business goals with affiliate marketing in Lithuania. Based on your industry and targets, I can evaluate affiliate marketing opportunities in Lithuania, in order to prepare and execute the most suitable affiliate marketing program for you. If you already have an affiliate program and are not satisfied with its results, I can advise improvements to your existing program, take over program management and work on optimization.

Affiliate marketing in Germany

In Germany affiliate marketing has huge potential to return on investment (ROI). However, in a large and complex German market you will certainly face high competition, where market knowledge and practical experience in affiliate marketing become the key to success. Germany has strong and diverse affiliate partners, from which I can build, develop, manage and optimize your affiliate network.

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